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 Try our specially designed Protein Powder! This is our own special blend of  Protein Isolate with only 1 g sugar and 0g fat 29 g per serving,  only 121 calorie! No hype, no extra fillers, simply good protein!  If you are tiered of not knowing what is in your protein and are looking for the best quality protein source, we have made it! Available in chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, wild berry or
cinnamon roll.

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Open Usually Monday through Thursday 6- 8 pm and Friday 6-4
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1776 E. Rt. 66
Flagstaff Az, 86001

What is Build Your Own Body and Flagstaff Krav Maga? We are a family owned and operated fitness facility located in Flagstaff, Arizona. We have been providing outstanding health coaching, personal training, and self defense in Arizona for more than a decade. As professionals, we have studied a wide variety of fitness approaches, sports, and disciplines to provide our clients with the best knowledge available to reach their goals. What is your goal?

Lose weight?
Tone up?
Learn self defense?
Excel in a sporting event?

It doesn't matter what it is, we are equipped to help you! At Build Your Own Body and Flagstaff Krav Maga we won't give you an impersonal program that is a one size fits all.  Everyone is different and need individualized workout schedules and eating plans.  However, that is not all you will get. In order for you to be successful, you need a coach. What does a coach do? We will sit down with you, discuss your goals as well as how to make it achievable in your life. What does a day look like for you? We will show you where you can fit in healthy meals and help you figure out what to eat. We will also fit your workouts around your schedule so that you are not living to workout, but living first and fitting your workouts into your life. We feel it is important not only to explain what might be the best way for you to achieve your goals, but also to inform you as to why you're doing it and how it works. Throughout our program we will find out what things you like to do and use those to motivate you to accomplish your goals and sustain them! 

One of our programs will work for you! Check out our Krav Maga self defense, Bootcamp, Super hero training for kids, One on One Personal Training or even our corporate packages!
Allow us to help you achieve your goals.

We specialize in Krav Maga Self defense, Weight loss, Program design, Sports Nutrition, Contest Preparation,  Sports Specific Training,  Military Preparation,  Health coaching, Functional Training,  and General Health Consulting.

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Flagstaff Bike and Burn! This fun Saturday workout is a fun morning of biking on the Alpine Pedaler and working out in the beautiful scenery of Flagstaff! 9:30 every Saturday morning we meet at Mother Road brewery and get our burn on! Come join the fun! Sign up at Or check out the website
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